Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do I wear?
You can wear as much or as little clothing as you wish. Whatever makes you feel comfortable. Lying on the massage table, you will be covered by a sheet and blanket at all times. Your massage therapist will uncover one area at a time (eg. your back) to treat and then cover it again when finished area.

How Often Should I Receive a Massage?
People receive regular massage throughout their lives for a number of reasons:
For preventative health
– To maintain flexibility, good posture and decreased stress response.
– To manage painful conditions including chronic pain, headaches and back and neck pain.
-To become more conscious of how their body functions – to be more ‘body aware’.
-Treatment of contractures due to previous injury or surgeries.
– Rehabilitation of a limb after removal of a cast. Your therapist will make recommendations about frequency and duration.

How do I know if I have Insurance Benefits for Registered Massage Therapy?
You can ask your employer or call your insurer directly. Have your Group and ID number and ask the following: How much coverage do you have, if any? Is there a deductible? Is it per calendar year (i.e.: January – December)?
Is there a maximum amount per visit? Must you obtain a doctor’s note before receiving massage in order to submit a claim for benefits?

I do not have extended Health Care Insurance. Can I claim Massage Therapy as an expense on my personal taxes?
Yes. Massage Therapy is a tax-deductible medical expense, similar to Dental or Eyeglass expenses.What

duration of treatment should I choose?
For your first appointment, we recommend an hour. A full hour will give your therapist the necessary time to focus on areas which may require more attention and work.